Thinking About Adding Central AC? Read This First.

Ah, central air conditioning. It’s a wonder of the modern age that can transform any sweltering summer day into a cool, comfortable one.

If you’re thinking about installing central AC in your home, there are a few things you should know.

In this post, we’ll look at the major conveniences of central air conditioning, take a look at the process involved in installing it, and talk about why a geothermal air conditioning system might just be the answer for you.

Central air conditioning gives you the comfort of temperature control more efficiently than a window unit. A window unit can cool a single room fairly well, but if you need a few throughout the house, the energy costs can stack up fast.

Central air also provides you with improved air quality in every room. Thanks to the filter in your air conditioning system, you can stay cool and breathe cleaner air.

How much does it cost to install central heating and air conditioning?

The first step in installing a central air conditioner is for the contractor to perform a site survey. How old the house is, whether there is existing ductwork, and how big the air conditioner must be are all considered.

Installing new windows, updating insulation, and caulking and sealing any cracks can help keep the cool air in. This diminishes how hard the air conditioner has to work as well. You could do these things before or after the site survey. The site survey itself and any additional improvements can contribute to the overall cost.

Installing central air in a house with existing ductwork

If your home already has a functioning air duct system, adding central air can be fairly easy and less costly. The technicians will inspect the existing ductwork to make sure it’s sound and sealed well enough to move the air through your home efficiently.

Then, they install a split system. This consists of evaporator coils cased inside a unit usually in your attic or utility room, and a big metal box containing a condenser outside.

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